The same but different

It sounds a bit like something Lewis Carroll may have written for Alice in Wonderland (but didn’t): “The good news is that everything is back to normal. But everything is entirely different.”

The resources industry is rebounding but only really the Small Caps (market cap under $1 billion) who have been bludgeoning on irrespective of the pandemic.

The small, smart operators have raised funds against an economic eclipse/apocalypse and kept searching (and researching) so they now have big assays in their sights.

Most, like Aidan Platel (Auroch Minerals), who we profile this week, have been out in the hinterlands digging beautiful drill holes in the ground while the rest of the country has worked from home and watched “Tiger King” on TV. Lots of holes in there!

The O&G multinationals are doing a bit of shoe gazing and wondering how they pay leases for offices that are half full because half their workforce prefer to work from home, and the other half are either reapplying for their jobs (again), or wondering what the company culture is now (?).

As we move forward, health and mental health, will consume the minds of business leaders. This is a topic very close to the heart of Mapien Executive Director, Belinda Honey, who speaks with us exclusively in this week’s 3Q’s.

If racial protest and riots during the past fortnight are any indication, people power is too puissant to ignore. But equally, and in a pandemic sense, people have prevailed and most of us have been understanding and obliging corporate citizens.

I think people are ultimately “good”. Doing good is behind a transformational new ASX-listed company, InteliCare, and its dynamic leader, Jason Waller, profiled this week.

Every day, I make a point of meeting a new businessperson - a smart business habit taught to me by former Ford CEO and BHP Chair, Jacques Nasser - and we meet at a café or restaurant before talking about life, commerce and the “next big thing.”

There is something beautifully the same, but different, about what everyone is saying. As unique as businesses are, leaders seem to be paraphrasing similar things:

  • Stay healthy, mentally and physically, and look after those around you;
  • Be bullish and bold – the big wins are calculated risks but when you make a decision, stick with it;
  • People are your best asset – get the best, look after them, and they will look after you;
  • Put your head down and ride it out - nothing is forever;
  • Laugh and celebrate (repeat).

These recommendations may appear simple and obvious, but after speaking with this issue’s interviewee’s, it comes as sage, sensible advice.

This week’s issue is about enlightenment at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

It is also about peoples’ ability to stand up for what is right, and do the right thing.

Everything is the same but different – but in a good way.